What Happens?

  • Car accidents and falls are the most common types of trauma that are seen in pets.  
  • It it important to remember that pets are very good at hiding injury
  • The most common mistake made with these conditions is not seeking the care/evaluation by a veterinarian. 


What Does It Look Like?

  • Injuries can range from broken toenails and abrasions to broken bones and shock.


What Do You Do?

  • First and foremost, make sure the situation is safe for you and your pet
    • Make sure you move your pet out of the road before triaging 
    • Apply a muzzle - dogs usually bite because they are painful or scared, not because they are mean
  • Check gum color and make sure it is pink and not white (a sign of blood loss or shock)
  • Check to make sure pet is breathing well
  • Check for wounds or limping
    • If any wounds are noted, clean them with betadine and apply antibiotic ointment
    • If injury to any leg is observed, try to stabilize leg and move to veterinarian