What Happens?

  • The outside layer of the eye is called the cornea and is very thin.  Scratches or injuries to this layer (ie corneal ulcers) can get worse very quickly
  • The eye is held in the head by muscles, but in some flat faced dogs or pets with traumatic injuries, the eye can actually proptosis (ie pop out),


What Does It Look Like?

  • Corneal ulcers present as squinting or rubbing of the eye.  
  • Proptosed eyes can either be partially protruding or completely out and hanging


What Do You Do?

  • Injury or foreign body to the eye should first be treated with flushing the eye with an eye flush.
  • See a veterinarian ASAP (especially if the eye is hanging out) to discuss treatment options
  • Do not attempt to treat eye issues by yourself other than flushing